Building Your Personal Brand

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Building Your Personal Brand

At the tender young age of 14, it is pretty hard to realize who you are.  You have been guided and support as you grow to foster things you are good at, you are developing your tastes and opinions but may not have thought of “who you are”.  What can be even more difficult is to understand how our words, behaviours, and personalities affect those around us, which can further shape how we brand ourselves.

RLC’s mission is to graduate all students with a strong personal brand, the expectation of the course is to understand how their choices and behaviours affect both themselves and others.  So through a series of discussions about core values; which are those values that the students hold to their highest regard. A series of questions and class conversations about how we are perceived by others based on our values, how we wish to be perceived, and what we need to do to achieve those markers, the students developed a crest to illustrate what they are all about. 

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