Introducing Jennifer Freele

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Introducing Jennifer Freele
Welcome to Rosseau Lake College Jennifer!
Along with new students, we will also be welcoming new Residential Dons and Faculty members to RLC this fall!  
We'll be introducing these new members of the RLC family over the new few weeks. We asked them each to answer three questions so we could get to know them a bit better.
First up is new Residential Don Jennifer Freele.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I try to read whenever I have a free moment, so you can always find me with a book in hand. I also enjoy exploring - hiking, climbing, paddling, and just getting outdoors when I can. I'm also keen on cooking and baking, trying out new recipes and perfecting some of my favourites.
 What is does a perfect day look like?
A perfect day would consist of being out in nature with the people I love most, preferably hiking in the mountains. There would be sunshine, music and smiles all around, and a big Mexican feast down by a lakeside to end the day.
How would your best friend describe you to us?
My best friend would describe me as adventurous, loyal, genuine, and someone who likes to take charge whenever complications crop up.
The strength of a school comes from the members of its community. The hallmark of a great teacher is someone who is caring and genuinely interested in developing the academic and personal skills of students.

RLC has a faculty of qualified teachers, many of whom have postgraduate degrees. They are more than just keen teaching professionals; they coach varsity teams, guide dramatic arts productions, houseparent the boarding students in the evening, organize field trips, facilitate weekend activities and provide extra help during lunch.

Faculty work in partnership with dedicated support staff to provide a safe, dynamic learning environment for our students. The administrative team members are also active members of the community and participate in school and community events.
 Get to know more about Rosseau Lake College and Our members of Faculty Here. 

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