Prefect Tie Ceremony

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Today our Prefects took part in a special tie ceremony led by Mr. Beaulne Sr. This ceremony was a demonstration of commitment to the school, and to the leadership roles they were voted into by their peers. At the end of the ceremony each Prefect was presented with their tie, and they crossed back through the campus gates as a leadership team, ready to lead by example and provide the RLC community with a fantastic year. 
This years Prefects and their roles are:
Audrey-Anna Colson - Head Prefect
Taylor Blair - Environmental Prefect
Emma Clendenan - Arts Prefect
Aurora Corbett - Athletic Prefect
Woojin Park - Residential Prefect
Kexin Song - School Store Prefect
William Wang - Community Outreach Prefect
Esther Wason - Student Council Prefect
Cassidy Wise - House Cup Prefect
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4 months ago
Congratulations Prefects!🙌

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